Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Injustice: Ground Zero #15 - A Review

Back under the spell of Mistah J (albeit one from a parallel Earth), Harley Quinn is unable to help Batman and his otherworldly allies from the parallel Justice League in their raid on Stryker's Island. But Harley isn't entirely helpless and a twist of fate and a little magic may help her save her army... if not herself.

If ever a comic proved that a good inker can make or break a book, it is this latest volume of Injustice: Ground Zero. The difference between the two inkers who worked on this issue is like night and day. One uses a light touch that enhances the original pencils of Derlis Santacruz. The other uses thick lines to outline everything, leaving the finished artwork looking like a coloring book page. Granted, it's a fantastically colored page thanks to Rex Lokus, but it's still distracting and amateurish.

Christopher Sebela's script remains the high point of the series. There's little he can do fight the repetitive feeling within the sections of the story which replicate the action from the original video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. His take on Harley Quinn, however, is pitch perfect, presenting a Harley who only acts dumb and is crazy like a fox.

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