Thursday, January 5, 2017

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #4 - An Advanced Review/Preview

The micro-machine menace stands revealed as the plot of an old enemy of both UNIT and The Doctor - one who now possesses stolen Time Lord technology! The threat to all reality seems so great that even The Master has put aside his grudge against The Doctor and UNIT, but can he be trusted? And will even The Master's brilliance prove enough to win the day?

I shall be sorry to see this mini-series end. Paul Cornell's writing has perfectly captured the spirit of the Jon Pertwee age of Doctor Who. It also delivered a genuinely shocking twist at the halfway point and even planted the seeds to explain away certain incongruities in the original episodes that follow this story chronologically.

Cornell's excellent writing is matched beat for beat by the outstanding artwork of Christopher Jones. Jones captures the likenesses of the original actors perfectly and is a fantastic visual storyteller as well as a great caricaturist. Whether you're a fan of the Classic Series or just someone who loves good comics, this is one to pick-up!

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #4 releases on January 11 2016. 
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