Sunday, January 8, 2017

Aquaman #14 - A Review

As Aquaman continues his quest to prove the existence of the sinister organization NEMO and their plot to start a war between Atlantis and The United States, a warmongering faction of the US Government has launched their own attack against the Atlantean King. Dubbed The Aquamarines, this group of genetically altered covert super-soldiers were created for one purpose - killing Aquaman!

The story for this issue seems like filler but it is well-crafted filler in spite of that fact. Dan Abnett writes a damn fine action sequence, but the action is hampered by The Aquamarines lack of depth. In terms of characterization they are as uncomplicated and inoffensive as the villains in an action-figure line.

The artwork, thankfully, remains as strong as ever and Philippe Briones does a fine job bringing the Aquamarines to life. The characters are striking, even if the base concept is a bit silly and unlikely to ever appear again after this issue. Regardless, Briones is a fantastic visual storyteller and one of the best artists to ever handle Aquaman and Mera.

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