Thursday, December 29, 2016

Future Quest #8 - A Review

The cosmic horror known as Omnikron has made its first full manifestation on Earth! As Birdman and the new Mightor do battle with the beast and The Impossibles do what they can to prevent others from being absorbed by it, Dr. Zinn and Dr. Quest agree to work together to stop the menace. Unfortunately, Zinn's partners in F.E.A.R. have other ideas...

The artwork in this issue looks fantastic. Ariel Olivetti's art is reminiscent of the work of Alex Ross. Both feature a similar clarity of design and a capacity to make simple, cartoonish characters look epic in scope.

Jeff Parker's story continues to amaze and inspire with every passing issue. The various players are starting to come together and it is only a matter of time before they are all working together in one epic team-up. If what has come so far is any indication, that will be a great and glorious moment!

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