Sunday, November 6, 2016

Green Arrow #10 - A Review

Running under the ocean floor from Seattle to Shanghai, the Trans-Pacific Railway is a miracle of modern engineering. It is also a tool of the criminal synidcate known as The Ninth Circle, useful for ferrying drugs across the world. It is for that reason that Green Arrow, Black Canary and John Diggle intended to raid the train  but soon they find themselves caught in the middle of a secret peace conference. They are not alone in their infiltration, as an old enemy of Green Arrow's is also there...

Fans of Mike Grell's run on Green Arrow will rejoice at the return of everyone's favorite mercenary, Eddie Fyers. Percy writers Fyers true to form as an affably amoral man who is good at being bad but doesn't take any joy in his work apart from the knowledge of a job well done. Black Canary fans will be equally pleased by the scenes where Dinah easily throws herself into the spy game - no damsel in distress here!

Juan Ferreyra also invites comparisons to The Grell Era of Green Arrow. His art style differs from that of Grell in The Longbow Hunters and the various artists who drew the monthly Green Arrow comic, being more stylized than realistic. However, Grell and Ferreryra both use color in similar ways and their splash-pages are equally eye-catching and poster-worthy.

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