Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #3 - An Advanced Review/Preview

Rewarded for aiding The Time Lords by having his exile to Earth lifted and his TARDIS restored to travel-readiness, The Doctor was ready to return to exploring the wonders of the universe. Unfortunately, an alien invasion and the return of one of his past incarnations have proven distracting enough to prevent his departure. With the invading "micro-machines" having taken over the body of his companion, Jo Grant, The Doctor must enter into psychic combat with them inside of Jo's mind!

I was saddened by Paul Cornell's recent announcement that he would be taking a break from writing for licensed properties. Granting my own bias as a Third Doctor fan and cosplayer (I still have a picture of myself, in costume, with Billie Piper and Karen Gillan as the background on my Twitter account!), I have deeply enjoyed Cornell's work on this mini-series and hoped that it might follow The Ninth Doctor in becoming a monthly book. While that may still be in the cards, it will probably happen without Cornell, which is a shame as he has perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the Third Doctor with his scripting on this series.

Cornell is well matched by artist Christopher Jones, who treads a fine line between realistic caricatures and a certain cartoonish quality in his depictions of the various characters of The Pertwee Era of Doctor Who. The lively colors by Hi-Fi add to the mod mystique. This is one limited series I wish were less confined - ironic really, given the Third Doctor's own confinement!

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #3 releases on November 30, 2016. 
Ask for it at your local comic shop or purchase it on Comixology.com.

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