Thursday, November 17, 2016

Disney Darkwing Duck #6 - A Review

As a reward for good behavior (or, at the very least, not-as-bad behavior), Drake Mallard has agreed to take his daughter Gosalyn and her friend Honker to the St. Canard Comic Expo-Fest-O-Rama. It's a trying experience for Drake as all of the attendees seem to worship the villains he fights rather than his superheroic alter-ego, Darkwing Duck. It becomes even more trying when Splatter Phoenix - an avant-garde artist with the power to make her art come to life - returns from the dead, intent on striking a blow against low-art.

Disney Darkwing Duck always makes me laugh-out-loud. This issue was no exception, but this time the comedy comes not from parodying superhero cliches but from superhero conventions. That's conventions as in "gatherings of people with a common interest", not conventions as in "a generally accepted way of doing things." Just so we're clear.

The artistic high-point of the issue is the battle between Darkwing and Splatter, as our hero chases the villain as she jumps from comic to comic.  The art team is to be commended for tackling a variety of genres and somehow seamlessly blending them all together with the usual Disney house-style. I particularly liked the 3D-animation sequence by Greyson Orlando and the above image of Frank Miller's Duck Knight.

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