Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trinity #2 - A Review

Clark Kent was having a hard enough time coping with life on a new Earth before Lois insisted on trying to socialize with this world's version of Bruce Wayne and Diana of Themyscira outside of work. Now, the three of them seem to have wound up in the past! But is it the Smallville of this Superman's life or that of his now-dead counterpart? Either way, he seems to have accidentally saved the life of Pa Kent and sent his younger self into hiding.
Francis Manapul continues to impress, as he pulls double-duty as both writer and artist on Trinity. The focus is firmly on Clark Kent this time around, with the theme of fathers and sons introduced in the first issue continuing here as Clark helps Pa Kent to find his past self, all while trying not to risk further paradoxes while still enjoying the gift he's seemingly been given to see the only father he's ever known one last time.

It's a great story and the artwork is gorgeous throughout. My only complaint is that Batman seems a little stand-offish given the circumstances.  Despite being the Spock of this Trinity, you'd think Batman of all people would be sympathetic to getting another chance to meet your father! This is a minor note, however, and this is still a wonderful book that should be read by all fans of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

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