Monday, October 31, 2016

The Flash #9 - A Review

Wally West was thrilled to become The Flash's new partner. It's something of a shock, however, when he discovers that there's another Flash... one who The Flash trained before him. Then comes the revelation that his criminal uncle Daniel (who became The Reverse Flash) was his real father and suddenly Wally can't run fast enough to burn away his frustration and fear. Luckily there's someone who knows just what he's going through better than The Flash... another young man named Wally West!

Given that this story features two Wally Wests and two heroes called The Flash, it ran the risk of becoming confusing in a hurry. Thankfully, Joshua Williams gets to the heart of things equally fast and makes this into a story about people rather than heroes, with the action limited to a brief sequence at the start of the story. It;s touching to see the older Wally West bonding with the younger one and a reminder that being a hero doesn't always mean punching criminals.

I wish I could be as enthusiastic about the artwork. Jorge Cornoa's distorted style seems a poor fit for The Flash, with odd posing and over-inking both frequent problems. Even Ivan Plascencia's usually vibrant colors seem oddly dull when applied to Corona's dark art. It isn't bad but it does seem incongruous.

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