Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Flash #8 - A Review

The murderous Godspeed's identity has been revealed and now he's out to deliver his own brand of harsh justice to Central City. With the power he's stolen from other speedsters, he's now faster than The Flash! But The Flash isn't alone in this battle, as Wally West comes to the rescue!

There's been a fair bit of build up to Wally West becoming Kid Flash since this series started, but the payoff in this issue has proved worth the wait. The above image may be the most striking bit of work Carmine Di Giandomenico has crafted yet for this series, and that is saying something! Credit must also be paid to Ivan Plascencia, for his color artwork provides the perfect finishes to Di Giandomenico's pencils and inks.And Joshua Williamson brings the opening arc to a satisfying conclusion, with ample material to drive the story forward in future issues.

Bottom Line: If you haven't been reading The Flash, you should rectify that mistake quickly.

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