Saturday, October 22, 2016

Green Arrow #9 - A Review

There's trouble in paradise when Ollie and Dinah find out the truth behind the island on which they've been ship-wrecked. The secretive natives are in the thrall of The Ninth Circle. Worse yet, John Diggle is now their prisoner!

I'm a little torn on Benjamin Percy's script this time around. While I love the way he writes Ollie and Dinah as a couple, it still seems to have come about a little too quickly considering how short a time the characters have been together. I'm willing to write it off as being due to the power of love. I'm less forgiving of the Winnickan levels of stupidity Ollie and Dinah indulge in to bring about the message at the end of the book but will credit Percy with being far more subtle about it than Dennis O'Neil was back in the day.

I wish I could show you more of Stephen Byrne's fantastic artwork for this issue. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the book is depicted through a number of glorious two-page spreads. They're wonderful to look at but less wonderful to try and fit on my tiny scanner. Just believe me when I say that Green Arrow hasn't looked this good in a long while.

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