Thursday, October 6, 2016

Green Arrow #8 - A Review

Stranded on a deserted island (again!) following his battle with The Ninth Circle, Oliver Queen is in dire straits and low spirits. Thankfully he's not alone, as it turns out Dinah Lance survived the destruction of The Ninth Circle's base as well. Unbeknownst to them, so did John Diggle, though his time on the island is proving far less enjoyable.

One of my few complaints about the post-Rebirth Green Arrow has been how rushed the romance between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance seemed in the opening issues. Benjamin Percy takes steps to address that here, taking the better part of this issue to better develop the relationship between both heroes. Percy perfectly captures the playful nature of both characters while not ignoring the harsh reality of their situation. And unlike many portrayals of the couple, theirs is a true partnership of equals.

Otto Schmidt returns to handle all of the art duties on this issue and it is good to see him return. This title has benefited from a variety of skilled artists but Schmidt's style seems the best fit for Percy's writing, possessing a streamlined simplicity reminiscent of a more detail-driven Bruce Timm. He proves capable of depicting both the comedy and intimacy of Ollie and Dinah's romance as well as the more horrific moments involving Diggle's battles elsewhere on the island.

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