Sunday, October 9, 2016

Future Quest #5 - A Review

As The Quest Team and friends move in on Dr. Messick's dig-site, they run into a FEAR excavation team. It seems one of the fossils may be an artifact of power - the club of the ancient hero Mightor! Meanwhile, FEAR is moving in on another group - a rock-band who the world believes only play at being impossible superheroes!

Craig Rousseau and Jeremy Lawson join Evan "Doc" Shaner  and Hi-Fi on the art duties this month. Shaner and Hi-Fi offer their usual quality work, with Shaner offering up some amazing splash-pages. The back-up story featuring The Impossibles isn't bad, but does feel a little rushed at times.

Enjoyable as this series has been, I found myself liking the back-up tale featuring the origin of The Impossibles a little more than the main story. I realize there's a sizable cast that needs to be introduced but the larger narrative almost seems like an afterthought in the wake of all the excellent origin stories Jeff Parker has been crafting or refining for these classic cartoon characters. This is a minor complaint, however, and it stems from my desire to have more of this book to enjoy. Can we get an 80-Page Giant in the near future?

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