Saturday, October 29, 2016

Detective Comics #943 - A Review

In the wake of Tim Drake's apparent death, the rest of his team try to carry on. Nobody has been harder hit than Stephanie Brown but everyone is feeling Red Robin's absence. Still, the recent attacks on the city by honest-to-goodness giant monsters neccesitate Bruce Wayne and Kate Kane appearing at a police gala to fundraise the rebuilding of Gotham. The rest of the team attends as well, with no one aware of the new gang that is about to enter their lives.

James Tynion IV devotes most of this issue to simple dialogues between our core cast, plus other Gothamites such as Rene Montoya, Harper Row, Jean Paul Valley and Luke Fox.  There's not much in the way of action but his command of these characters is such that they could discuss their library books and it would still be fascinating. The scenes between Oprhan and Clayface - perhaps the two least touched-upon members of the team thus far - are particularly enjoyable.

The artwork showcases a worthy team effort. Alvaro Martinez has a great gift for faces, drawing unique characteristics for every character. Raul Fernandez enhances the pencils perfectly, avoiding the over-shading that often plagues Batman books. Colorist Brad Anderson's contribution is perhaps the most subtle, with palette switches occurring mid-page in the fight sequences to emphasize the action of a particularly powerful blow.

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