Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Flash #6 - A Review

A new villainous speedster dubbed Godspeed has been killing the people affected by The Speed Force Storm that gave dozens of normal people the gift of super-speed.  Of course Barry Allen was ready to run himself ragged over this development, even before his new girlfriend apparently became Godspeed's latest victim. Could The Fastest Man Alive have finally met his equal - or even his superior - in Godspeed?

While starting strongly and swiftly, this opening arc on The Flash seems to have lost all momentum. I realize the irony in saying this but it seems like this story has been moving too quickly in recent issues. Only two issues have passed since Barry Allen revealed his true identity to his new love interest and only one issue has passed since her disappearance and apparent death!  Still, I must commend Williamson for ensuring that this issue follows the Stan Lee axiom about treating every comic you write as if it was somebody's first, with the opening pages effectively recapping the series to date for those new readers playing catch-up.

The artwork feels similarly rushed this time around.  Carmine Di Giandomenico is usually a fine artist but the work here feels rushed and sloppy, with the inks being particularly uneven at times. The coloring effects used by Ivan Plascencia seem similarly thin and washed out.

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