Thursday, September 8, 2016

Aquaman #6 - A Review

Aquaman and Mera continue to flee towards freedom, as The United States and Atlantis spiral ever downward toward all-out war. Superman steps in to try and talk his friend into surrendering peacefully. It may be too late for that, however, as all Arthur Curry wants now is to return home and investigate who has betrayed his wishes for peace with the surface world.

Aquaman #6 proves a suitable conclusion for this series' opening story-arc. The centerpiece of the issue - the brawl between Superman, Mera and Aquaman - is a thrilling one, not the least of which because it establishes the strength of both our heroes and their ability to trade blows with Superman. The subplot involving Black Manta was resolved a little too quickly for my liking but the resolution was logical and well-handled.

My only real complaint about the story is how over-the-top the Chief of Staff is regarding wanting to see Aquaman killed. Or the fact that The White House Chief of Staff is afforded any control over the military at all! Perhaps this is one of those ways in which the DC Universe differs from our own?

Regardless, the artwork continues to impress. The story flows like the ocean waters under Brad Walker's guiding hand. Andrew Hennessy's inks are like Baby Bear's porridge - just right. And Gabe Eltaeb's colors are appropriately bright and exciting as befits a high-energy story like this one.

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