Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Flash #5 - A Review

Thanks to the Speed Force storm stirred up by the criminal gang known as The Black Circle, STAR Labs scientist Meena Dhawan has become The Fastest Woman Alive! She's also become Barry Allen's new girlfriend, what with the two having become quite close as they taught the next generation of speedsters. This teaching - along with her newfound ability to sense the presence of the Speed Force in others - will lead Meena to an unwilling pupil named Wally West, just as the new villain dubbed Godspeed shows himself again.

Joshua Williamson's script for this issue is a real treat, shifting the focus from Barry Allen and giving some much needed development to both Meena and Wally. The artwork proves equally strong, with a uniform look throughout despite two inkers working on this issue. Felipe Watanabe's action scenes look amazing and Ivan Plascencia's colors are well-applied as always.

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