Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #37 - A Review

Another time. Another place. Another Earth. It is an Earth where Superman has yet to become a tyrant and a pregnant Lois Lane is still quite alive. It's an Earth where Bataman's secret identity remains secret. It is an Earth where The Justice League remain allies in battle and fast friends, capable of celebrating a birthday together. Alas, there's no rest for the wicked and a coordinated attack by their fiercest foes requires a swift end to the Justice League's good time...

At this point there is very little left in the tale to tell and the ending of this issue seems to be leading into the start of the original Injustice game.  With little action and no suspense, this issue gives us a spirited little character story focusing on The Justice League in happier times. Your enjoyment of this issue may come down to one simple question - do you smile a little at the thought of Jim Gordon and Rene Montoya arguing over proper meat placement on a grill?

If the answer is yes, then you will find this comic quite amusing. If, however, you wish to quibble over Jim Gordon being invited to a Justice League gathering at Wayne Manor, Batman and Superman enjoying a beer together or the very idea of Batman hosting a barbecue with horseplay by the pool... well, I'm sure there's a more dour comic out there you can enjoy. The rest of us will enjoy Brian Buccellato's scripts, Xermanico's artwork and Rex Lokus' color art without you. This is a good, fun comic, plain and simple.

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