Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #33 - A Review

The race is on for both The Regime and The Insurgency. As Batgirl desperately tries to hack Cyborg's memory banks and find some proof of Superman murdering unarmed protesters, The Regime works to find Batman's team and to save the life of a poisoned Superman. And even now The Flash can't help but wonder if he's chosen the right side...

This art in this issue is uncharacteristically weak. I'm quite fond of Tom Derenick's work - both here and on Secret Six - but there are a lot of panels here that just look off, whether it be due to the proportions of the characters, some oddly chosen angles or the overly heavy inks. Every artist has their off days and this is definitely not one of Derenick's better pieces of work.

Thankfully the writing is as strong as ever. Brian Buccellato makes The Flash our point-of-view character again - not surprising his long history of writing the character and Barry Allen's status as a man in the middle in this story. And the scene in which he confronts Lex Luthor with his fears is a dramatically ironic one, given that Barry is totally unaware of Lex's own secret campaign against Superman.

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