Monday, July 25, 2016

Snotgirl #1 - A Review

Lottie Person is 25 and a fashion blogger.. On the Internet, she's a celebrity  and way more beautiful and amazing than you. In the physical world, Lottie is an anxiety-fueled mess whose social interactions off-line are limited due to her severe allergies. But that's all going to change now that Lottie has met the perfect best friend who is just as beautiful and perfect as Lottie tries to be.

Snotgirl is a fine piece of Shojo manga. Purists may deny that label but the influence of Japanese teen girl comics is clear in both the writing and Leslie Hung's excellent artwork. Fans of Bryan Lee O'Malley's previous work on Scott Pilgrim will find Snotgirl happily familiar, with both books sharing an unreliable narrator whose perspective on reality is askew. O'Malley manages the amazing task of making Lottie into a likable and relatable protagonist despite her being self-absorbed and obsessed with appearances. I found this book surprising on multiple fronts and can't wait for the next issue.  

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