Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #30 - A Review

As Superman continues to roam the globe, checking up on those few super-beings - such as Aquaman - he has allowed some degree of freedom since taking over the world, what remains of Batman's resistance launches a desperate raid on the Hall of Justice. Meanwhile, in the depths of space, Hawkman seeks the last piece of Kryptonite in the universe - a prize he will have to battle the warlord Mongul to claim!

This chapter of Injustice: Year Five is largely concerned with moments of transition. Apart from the fight between Mongul and Hawkman, there's little action. Yet Brian Buccellato's script is full of tension and we get a number of great character moments throughout.

Xermanico's artwork proves a perfect partner to Buccellato's writing. There is a subtle complexity to Xermanico's style and a lot of fine detail worked into the backgrounds and - in the case of the bones in Mongul's throne room - foregrounds. And Rex Lokus' colors are as stupendous as ever.

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