Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Green Arrow #3 - A Review

Framed for a murder he didn't commit and presumed dead, Oliver Queen is out for revenge. As he storms the fortress that is Queen Industries in a bid for answers, Black Canary begins her own hunt for justice. Yet neither of them can begin to imagine the scope of the evil they face...

Benjamin Percy and Juan Ferreyra are nailing it on this book. The action sequences are fantastic and both Green Arrow and Black Canary are being written the way they should be. I particularly liked Percy's take on Canary in this issue, which remembers a fact that most writers forget - ever since the days of Dennis O'Neil, Ollie was the nice one and Dinah was the one with a vicious streak. And the artwork by Juan Ferreyra reminds me of Mike Grell's work on The Longbow Hunters, particularly in how the colors are utilized. This is the book Green Arrow and Black Canary fans have been dying to read for years!

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