Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016) - A Review

I have precious little to say about Ghostbusters that I feel hasn't already been said and said with far more eloquence by others.

 I can say that I enjoyed the movie. I don't think it was flawless but neither is it an affront to basic human decency. And I say that as someone who loved the original movies as a kid, watched The Real Ghostbusters religiously and built my 11th birthday party around going to see Ghostbusters 2.

This movie is different from the original, with the story moving in new directions despite sharing the same basic plot beats (academics get fired, go into business for themselves, get public attention, fight the government, save the world). The cast of characters are unique, with no obvious parallels in personalities between the classic crew and the new one.

I believe this cast did a better job of playing off of one another than the actors in the original. And it's worth noting that Melissa McCarthy isn't playing her usual type of character here. Also, Leslie Jones (despite all appearances from the trailer) does not play a stereotypical angry black woman.

 And yes, like 95% of the population of the Internet, male and female, I am now in love with Kate McKinnon and wish to do questionable and possibly illegal things with her.

 The movie does have some flaws. I noticed a few continuity glitches in the editing and - like most modern comedies - put some of its best gags into the trailer. But overall I found it to be an enjoyable little flick and a worthy continuation of the line. I recommend it to everyone.

Be sure to stay through the whole credits!

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