Friday, July 8, 2016

Future Quest #2 - A Review

In the depths of deep space, an unlikely alliance of fantastic heroes do battle with the other-dimensional menace known as Omnikron... even as it begins to emerge upon Earth! The weird energies of the vortexes separate the group, leaving the Quest family with the mystery of an alien girl to deal with and the agents of FEAR with an alien space-craft and a strange hostage!

Personally, I would have like to have seen more of the battle in space and less of Johnny Quest in this issue. But I can't quibble. You still get to see Space Ghost fighting a monster that is basically Cthulhu alongside The Galaxy Trio and The Herculoids. And I shouldn't need to say anything else about this comic's story to get you interested n it.

The artwork for this issue is perfectly blended throughout. I had no idea that three separate artists had worked on this issue until I was looking at the credits for the tags for this review. Chalk that one up to the excellent coordination of the creative team and the wonderful colors of Jordie Bellaire.

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