Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Disney Darkwing Duck #3 - A Review

Being trapped in an escape-proof prison with his worst enemies normally wouldn't phase Darkwing Duck. After all, he is The Terror That Flaps In The Night! But when his adopted daughter Gosalyn is trapped in the same space, that's enough to worry the usually unflappable mystery mallard... even though the super-villains may be in greater need of rescuing than Gosalyn!

Words cannot express how much I love this comic. But since this review would be rather short if I didn't utilize them, I will say that this book should be on the pull-list of anyone and everyone who loves comic books. Whether you're a 90's kid who rushed home to watch The Disney Afternoon, a lover of fine comedy or just someone who has this crazy idea that comic books should be about heroes fighting villains instead of other heroes, Darkwing Duck will have something you enjoy.

The spirit of the characters from the original cartoon is captured perfectly by the dialogue. The artwork replicates the appearance of the TV series to a T. And that last panel neatly summarizes Darkwing's relationship with his daughter better than anything I've ever seen.

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