Thursday, June 2, 2016

Superman: Rebirth #1 - A Review

Superman is dead. Yet another Superman lives. And Lana Lang will meet him as she tries to fulfill the final wishes of the Clark Kent she knew and loved, stealing his body from underneath the Superman memorial in Metropolis so that he can be buried next to The Kents in Smallville.
Apart from a flashback to the classic Death of Superman storyline, there isn't any action in Superman: Rebirth #1. What there is, however, is a remarkable character study of two different Supermen and the subtle differences between them. Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason tell a heart-felt tale that is about the heart of Superman and who he should be, no matter what universe he is from.
The artwork for this issue is equally amazing. Doug Mahnke's pencils are in fine form throughout. Jaime Mendoza's inks are perfectly applied, neither too thick nor thin. And Wil Quintana finds the perfect color for every moment.

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