Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #24 - A Review

Alfred Pennyworth is dead and serial-killer Victor Zsasz has been revealed as the culprit. The question of just how Zasaz escaped from Superman's super-prison has yet to be answered. More pressing is the concern that an enraged Batman may expose himself to a wrathful Superman... or maybe even go over the edge in dealing with Zsasz.

The artwork for this issue is astonishing. Marco Santucci's visuals are amazing and the Gothic architecture of Gotham City has rarely seemed so foreboding. Rex Lokus completes the art perfectly with a muted palette of purples and grays.

Brian Buccellato's script proves equally enjoyable. Buccellato is known for his witty dialogue but this issue - largely taken up by a silent sequence in which Batman pursues Zsasz - shows that Buccellato is equally capable of telling a story without words. The whole story is amazing well paced, leading up to a tense cliffhanger in its conclusion.

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