Sunday, June 19, 2016

Descender #12 - A Review

TIM-21 was overjoyed to find another TIM unit like himself among the robot resistance fighters known as The Hardwire. That joy turned to horror after his new "brother" became monstrous and tried to kill him, fearful that he would be replaced by the new TIM! How did TIM-22 become so twisted? The answers lie in this flashback tale...

Three months since the last issue of this series and Descender #12 still feels like filler. It's very well written filler with fantastic artwork but there's still a sense that this story didn't need to be told. It doesn't help that the trials and tribulations that TIM-22 went through in his past seem even more derivative of the movie A.I. than the base concept of this series, with a lost robot boy trying to find his family. Lemire managed to keep things fresh and interesting until now and one hopes the book will pick-up again in future issues.

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