Thursday, June 9, 2016

Constantine The Hellblazer #13 - A Review

Compelled not to work against the demon Neron's plan to gain ownership of every soul in New York City, John Constantine is almost out of options. With a little help from his friends he might yet find a way to win. But that doesn't mean he - or his friends - will come out unscathed...

James Tynion IV and Ming Doyle masterfully bring this series to a fitting conclusion that invites comparison to Garth Ennis' Dangerous Habits.Constantine is at his manipulative best here but it spoils little to say that there are unintended consequences to his actions. For John, there always are. And the final pages of this issue are suitably bittersweet.

The story is equaled by the excellent artwork. Eryk Donovan's pencils and inks are as grand as ever, providing us with demons and faeries that look just human enough to be unsettling. The colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick are unusually bright for a horror title of this nature but suit the story well.

I'm going to miss this series. I truly am.

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