Monday, June 13, 2016

Aquaman: Rebirth #1 - A Review

As the bastard son of the former queen of Atlantis, Arthur Curry is a king by birth. Yet he is seen by even the most moderate of his subjects as a dangerous outsider, more loyal to the surface world he was born to than the people he nominally rules. Meanwhile, the people of the surface both fear him as the leader of an enemy nation (Atlantis having invaded the United States once during the Throne of Atlantis storyline) and mock him for his ability to communicate with sea-life... as if that were all he were capable of!

Dan Abnett's script for this issue is reminiscent of Geoff John's first issue of The New 52 Aquaman, though much lighter on humor. Still, he does address the public perception of Aquaman while showing how inaccurate it is, as Aquaman and Mera fight a group of Atlantean terrorists. In this, Abnett perfectly sets the stage for the new Aquaman series.

The artwork proves equally serviceable. There's no notation as to which pages were handled by the respective pencillers (Scot Eaton and Oscar Jimenez) and inkers (Mark Morales and Oscar Jimenez) but the artwork looks good throughout. And Gabe Eltaeb does his usual high-quality job on the color art.

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