Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #21 - A Review

Laying low and trying to figure things out, Harley Quinn decides that she needs to work out some aggressive feelings. Unfortunately, for Billy Batson, she decides to do this by picking a fight with Shazam. Meanwhile, The Rogues - or what's left of them in the wake of Superman's Regime - gather to honor two of their fallen. And then The Flash shows up...

This is the best issue of Injustice in some time. Brian Buccellato's work on The Flash is beloved for many reasons but one of them was the way he wrote The Rogues. The scene in which The Flash confronts them shows a deep understanding of both Barry Allen and his various frenemies. The scenes with Harley Quinn are similarly strong and are sure to please long-time fans of the character, who don't like what's been done with ol' Harl since The New 52 started.

The art-team also delivers their A-game this month. Bruno Redondo has never looked better, managing the neat trick of making Harley look imposing despite the rather ridiculous costume she's adopted in the Injustice reality. Juan Albarran and Rex Lokus establish an effective aura of shadow throughout this issue, with the usually bright Captain Marvel frequently obscured darkness - a symbolic nod to how much darker the character has become in his support of the tyrant Superman.

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