Friday, May 27, 2016

Disney Darkwing Duck #2 - A Review

Public Enemy #2 Negaduck has taken over St. Carnard's new high-security prison! And the city's protector, Darkwing Duck, is trapped inside, along with every super-villain he's ever brought to justice! Or maybe, just maybe, they are trapped inside with him?!

Before Darkwing Duck #2, I never realized before how badly I needed a mash-up between the Batman: Arkham Asylum games and The Terror That Flaps In The Night! This issue is as hilarious as you might imagine but Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani also allow Darkwing to show off his skills in dealing with various villains. The joke of the show has always been that crime-fighting is the one thing Drake Mallard is honestly good at, right until his ego gets in the way. There's a lot of humor based around that but the action of this issue is honestly thrilling and you can't help but cheer a little as Darkwing outwits his enemies in a manner to do credit to Batman himself.

The artwork continues to impress in the same fashion. The artists perfectly emulate the Disney house style. And colorist Andrew Dalhouse leaves everything looking as vibrant and manic as a cartoon on paper should be.

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