Sunday, May 15, 2016

Constantine The Hellblazer #12 - A Review

Trapped in New York City, John finds that his latest boyfriend's daughters have been taken by the demons now ruling the town. Worse yet, Neron has forged an alliance with Papa Midnight and John's former ally Blythe. And they have a rather nasty way of sticking it to John once and for all...
The tensions are building masterfully in the penultimate chapter of this series and this endgame may prove to be as memorable as Garth Ennis' Dangerous Habits. As strange as it is to hear John Constantine - the quintessential Londoner - speaking of the joys of New York City, the writers make it work. I'll be sad to see this series gone after next month. Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV have done a fantastic job on it.
Eryk Donovan may be the best artist yet to work on this book. His demons look truly inhuman while being just human enough to be all the more unsettling for the resemblance. And the colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick continue to impress.

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