Sunday, May 22, 2016

Clean Room #8 - A Review

Astrid Mueller is a polarizing figure, whether you believe she's a simple self-help author or a dangerous cult leader. Such people make enemies easily and one of them has finally succeeded in getting an assassin close enough to do some damage. Now, with Mueller at Death's Door, her staff seek to follow the directions she left in case of this occurrence. To their shock, her instructions involve journalist Chloe Pierce, who has dedicated her life to bringing down Mueller and her organization!

I can honestly say I was not expecting what happened in this issue of Clean Room to happen. Such is the magic of this series that Gail Simone finds ways to shock the reader each month. I won't spoil the many surprises of this issue here (difficult as that makes it to discuss the story) but I will say that if you have yet to give this series a shot, this issue is a good one to start with if you can't track down the originals and don't want to wait for the upcoming TP collection.

The art team matches Simone's scripts with a subtle style that belies the dark nature of the story. The colors by Quinton Winter are crisp and bright. And Jon Davis-Hunt's artwork features largely realistic designs and light inks which only serve to set a sedate illusion through which the madness of the world can suddenly reveal itself.

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