Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #17 - A Review

The Trickster may have gotten himself into a mess even he can't fast-talk his way out of. He's befriended the Bizzaro Superman but keeping the big guy under control is a tricky task even for him! Still, he's managed to steer the big guy in the direction of doing good. Well, sort-of.

For the most part, this issue is a perfect palette cleanser after several weeks of darkness. The relationship between Trickster and Bizzaro is oddly sweet once if you look past the fact that Trickster is only making nice with Bizzaro in an effort to gain an advantage or, at the very least, not die. The ending of the issue, however, sparks an odd parallel with the conclusion of last week's issue, begging the question what is worse - a mad god or a vengeful one? Or is there even a difference?

Tom Derenick's artwork for the issue is impressive. Derenick boasts an exaggerated style which well-suits the cartoonish nature of this issue. And the color art by Rex Lokus is as wonderful as ever.

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