Sunday, April 10, 2016

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: Year Two #8 - A Review

Gabby Gonzales has been traveling with The Doctor for a while now. Until recently, Gabby's best friend, Cindy Wu, had to content herself with the letters and drawings that Gabby was sending her detailing their adventures. Recent events forced them all together, however, and Cindy is now excited to be going on her first real adventure in The TARDIS!

Pity it's to some supernatural book fair in Dewbury.

Of course Gabby welcomes the down-time and is anxious for a rest after her recent tribulations. And The Doctor is happy to have a few days to browse old book stores and complete his comic collection. But thankfully for Cindy (if not the town of Dewbury), there is something dwelling in the old town well...

Eleonora Carlini is usually a great artist and her work on this series has always been enjoyable. It's still good, for the most part, but her design for the old-salt Randall (who warns The Doctor and his companions about the wicked witch in the well) is distractingly cartoonish relative to the rest of the artwork. Ignoring that, the issue looks great and the colors by Arianna Florean are perfectly chosen.
The story by Nick Abadzis is wonderful. The plot is a fairly standard hook for classical horror and Doctor Who, but Abadzis' script moves quickly enough we don't have time to ponder the cliches. What really makes the story work, however, is the conflict between the adventure-hungry Cindy and the more sedate Gabby.

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