Monday, April 18, 2016

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor #2 - An Advance Review

The Doctor and his current companion - journalist Sarah Jane Smith - landed in the middle of Victorian London and a mystery! People are disappearing and Sarah Jane vanished not long after arrival, taken into the company of the mysterious Lady Emily and her cyclops attendants! Thankfully, The Doctor is not alone, having been rescued from assault by the self-proclaimed time-travel expert Professor Odysseus James and his daughter, Athena, who are also investigating the mysterious disappearances...

The script by Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie is a total delight! They're perfectly captured the cadence of a Robert Holmes-penned Doctor Who episode. Not does this issue replicate the weird horror of the era, it also captures the wit and humor so well you can't help but hear Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen's voices as you read it.

I greatly enjoyed Brian Williamson's previous work on Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor and he's in fine form here as well.  Williamson utilizes a detail-oriented style, with heavy inks that suits the gothic aura of The Fourth Doctor. The colors of Hi-Fi complete this picture perfectly.

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