Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lucifer #4 - A Review

Trapped in The Dreaming after their meeting with Lilith, Lucifer and Gabriel are in need of a way out. Lucifer believes he has one but it will require their journeying through a backdoor into the Japanese underworld, where Lucifer has many enemies still suffering from the last time the met him as an honored guest. And in Norman, Oklahoma, a girl named Medjine ponders the demon in a bottle that drove one woman to madness and murder as well as an escape from her abusive adoptive family.

With this issue, the seemingly unconnected subplots of this series have begun to lock together like puzzle-pieces. Holly Black has done a fine job of giving the readers just enough information to hold their interest without stretching out the mystery of this opening arc. And we get to see some old familiar faces from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman in this issue as well.

The artwork for this issue proves equally impressive. I predict Lee Garbett will one day be held in as high esteem as Peter Gross and the many artists who worked on The Sandman. And the color art by Antonio Fabela is just as skillfully done.

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