Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hercules #4 - A Review

Hercules' pal Gilgamesh has fallen into the hands of The Old Gods of The First Ages. They seek to avert the Uprising Storm of the new gods with a ritual that requires the death of a true hero. It is a sacrifice "Gil" is ready to make to save the world, but Hercules will not see anyone die this day. Nor, ironically enough, will the new gods...
It is hard to read Hercules without thinking of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. This is not a commendation nor an accusation of unoriginality but a complement. Despite a similar starting concept, Dan Abnett is telling a wonderful tale, truly worthy of the word epic.
Luke Ross's artwork is equally excellent. His designs for each character are uniquely memorable. His designs for the new gods in particular are praiseworthy. And Guru-FX does a fantastic job with the color art, offering a range of shades throughout.

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