Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: Year Two #7 - A Review

United under the leadership of The Doctor, an unlikely group of his allies and enemies from across time and space have joined together into a tribe of sorts. Trapped in a primitive world by the sinister fixer known as Ebonite, the group are forced to fight a cosmic deathmatch against other captives for the amusement of the twisted race known as The Monaxi. Worse yet, The Doctor's most recent companion - Gabby Gonzales - has been corrupted into a weapon by the Monaxi's brainwashing!

Nick Abadzis' script for this book suffers somewhat in that the ensemble cast is a bit large and there wouldn't be much time for us to see their personalities in action, even if they weren't unsure who they were due to the alien brain-washing. Still, the story isn't bad in spite of that issue. And there's a lot of Easter Eggs referring to the classic series for old-school Whovians to enjoy.

Whatever reservations I may have about the story, I have none about the artwork. Elena Casagrande is in her usual fine form throughout this comic. And colorist Rodrigo Fernandes does a fantastic job finishing things up.

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