Saturday, March 12, 2016

Constantine The Hellblazer #10 - A Review

The good news is that John Constantine has escaped from Hell. The bad news is that the portal he escaped through led to the realm of Faerie - a land of total chaos where reality is malleable and the locals are wild hedonists. That might sound like John's kind of party but it's really the worst place possible for any human, much less a fixer like John who needs rules to work around. Meanwhile, The Demon Neron advances his plans to take over the spiritual heart of New York City...

This is a solid issue all around. The bits in Faerie are good as is John's moralizing as he once again considers how selfish he's been regarding his current relationship and dragging another Muggle into his life. The scenes with Neron of a different quality, striving for political relevance regarding American Politics. Some may call these moments heavy-handed, but it's not like Hellblazer under Jamie Delano was all that subtle in drawing parallels between Margaret Thatcher's policies and the politics of Hell.
Travel Foreman and Joseph Silver prove grand choices as this month's guest art team.  Foreman's disjointed style is perfectly suited to depicting the chaos of Faerie as well as the horrific denizens of Hell. And Silver's inks find the perfect balance between merely outlining the pencils and shading the artwork. The colors by Ivan Plascencia are well chosen throughout.

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