Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Black Canary #9 - A Review

Normally the band Black Canary is willing to work a private gig for a lot of money but DD has to work extra hard to justify it when their latest gig is the birthday party of Julia Falcone - the granddaughter of crime-boss Carmine Falcone! Throw in the fact that the guest list for the party is a Who's Who of Gotham City's most respectable villains and DD can't get out of there fast enough! Until she finds out that the guest list also includes a number of assassins who are out for the price on Julia's head, then Hell and High Water can't keep her from playing the hero.

This issue proves a welcome change of pace from the previous issues.  Unlike Brenden Fletcher, writer Matthew Rosenberg knows how to set up a story and get to the point. We jump into the action of the issue almost immediately and not a single page of the story is wasted on padding.

The artwork by Moritat is fluid and vibrant, under Lee Loughridge's colors. There is a great sense of motion and clarity to Moritat's work here and the story flows naturally in a way it never quite did with Annie Wu's pencils and inks.

The only bad thing about this book is that Rosenberg and Moritat aren't the regular creative team. This is honestly the best issue of Black Canary so far.  Hopefully DC Comics will find some project worthy of their talents post-Rebirth and I fully intend to check out Rosenberg's Four Kids Walk Into A Bank.

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