Monday, March 7, 2016

Adventures of Supergirl #4 - A Review

It's just another manic Monday for Kara Danvers, rushing to get Cat Grant her morning latte and dealing with a robbery on the way to work. But things take a turn for the strange when a SWAT team shows up to arrest Winn Schott on charges of doxxing. It's a frame-up, of course, but Supergirl will have to move quickly before Winn is doubly framed on charges of terrorism!

Sterling Gates wrote a smart script for this issue. There's quite a few shout-outs to the classic Supergirl mythology, including a mention of Leesburg. And the reveal of this issue's villain is brilliantly played out and a nice play on a classic villain's name. The issue is spoiled only slightly by being fairly similar to last week's episode of Supergirl.

Would that the artwork equaled the story! Jonboy Meyers has done some good work in the past and individual moments of this comic look fantastic. Unfortunately, most of the art looks sloppy and rushed. What's worse, Meyers clearly recycles his artwork on two separate pages!

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