Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #9 - A Review

Under Batman's command, The Rogues Gallery orchestrate a coordinated attack on multiple Regime bases simultaneously. This does little to soothe the temper of Superman, who is already angry due to delays in the construction of a new super-prison and the loss of the drugs needed to enhance his army of Super-Soldiers. Despite this, things are looking bleak for The Resistance, though they may have just found the most unexpected of allies...

It's always a treat when Brian Buccellato writes The Rogues Gallery and this issue proves no exception to that truism. I'm curious as to the absence of Captain Cold but I'm certain he's being saved for something special later on. I would like to see more of this world's version of The Trickster, however, who seems to be cut from the same mold as the TV series' Joker-Lite - a characterization I've never been fond of but find preferable in this case to the idea of James Jesse selling out his fellow Rogues.

The artwork this week is competently done but not as fine as usual. Tom Derenick's pencils seem rushed in some places and Juan Albarran's inks seem a little too heavy at times. The colors by Rex Lokus are as fine as ever and the artwork doesn't look bad - just not quite up to the usual standard.

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