Monday, February 15, 2016

Constantine The Hellblazer #9 - A Review

The Demon Neron is getting ready to make a power play for every soul in New York City! But that's of little concern to John Constantine and Papa Midnite, who are literally trapped in Hell.  An old contact of John's may be able to get them out but it will require a deal John can't well refuse.

I'm not sure if there was intentional collusion on the part of the creative team to turn The Demon Neron into a grotesque parody of Donald Trump. Given his new hair-cut and this issue's subtitle The Art of The Deal, I'm pretty sure there was. Either way, it's a fine example of how well the creative team works together in adding lots of little details for the reader to enjoy.
Despite this being a fairly standard tale (by Hellblazer standards, at least) of treacherous people forced to trust each other despite their better judgement, Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV keep the readers guessing. The artwork of Rilley Rossmo has truly grown on me over the past few issues and Ivan Plascencia's colors leaving everything looking devilishly good.

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