Thursday, February 18, 2016

Clean Room #5 - A Review

Self-help guru Astrid Mueller's empire is in danger of crumbling, following the public suicide of her most famous patient. She doesn't care. Because she's finally captured the entity that attacked her as a child. Now, as her underlings go into full damage control mode and work to save their boss' business, journalist Chloe Pierce has her own strange encounter with a seemingly demonic creature.

Five issues in and I'm still not quite sure what to make of Clean Room. Summarizing the story without giving away spoilers is increasingly difficult, for this revolutionary story defies easy classification.  While I can't say exactly where this comic is going, I can say that Gail Simone is giving us one hell of a ride taking us there.

I can also say that Jon Davis-Hunt's artwork is wonderful. Unlike most horror comics, which drown the page in ink and shadows, Davis-Hunt offers us bright, clear figures drawn in light pencils with bright colors and some rather neat lighting effects in the color art. The final effect is all the more horrific for how pleasant it looks!

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