Saturday, February 13, 2016

Batman/Superman #29 - A Review

The plot thickens as Superman and Batman investigate the murder of a giant alien on the moon and the victim's father appears on the scene. Signs indicate that the victim was seeking out Superman because of an astonishing bit of news... there is another Kryptonian who survived the destruction of their homeworld!

Tom Taylor has prove his ability to write Superman and Batman before on Injustice: Gods Among Us but this issue proves him equally capable of writing the World's Finest heroes as allies rather than adversaries. And while it's not surprising that Taylor fits a bit of his trademark humor into this issue, it's still shocking to see it here since most writers don't bother trying to make either Batman or Superman funny in their interactions. Here, they truly come off as old friends rather than allies who tolerate one another.

There's some amazing visuals in this issue's art. I was never impressed with Robson Rocha's work on World's Finest but their work here is amazing.  The same can be said of Julio Ferreira's contribution to this issue and the color art by Blond.

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