Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rick and Morty #10 - A Review

In a cyberpunk world where Rick Sanchez was never born, an evil Morty rules with an iron fist, Summer leads the resistance against him and Jerry is... well, pretty much the same. Seriously, there's only so much variation even in an infinite universe!

With the resistance crushed and Rick in Evil Morty's clutches, things could be very bad for the mulitverse if Evil Morty recovers Rick's portal gun. Can Morty rescue Rick from his evil, smarter self?  Probably not. I mean, this is Morty we're talking about. Even with bad-ass Sarah Conner Summer helping him, it may be a close thing.

The main story of this issue proves a worthy conclusion to the best story arc this series has seen so far.  Zac Gorman's script has the perfect balance of action and humor and it left me laughing out loud at several points.  The artwork by C.J Cannon, Cat Farris and Ryan Hill perfectly captures the look of the show.

The back-up feature - with art and script by Marc Ellerby - is also praiseworthy. The story here focuses upon Jerry and Doofus Rick (follow the link - that's what he's called by eminent RickAndMortyologists)  having a day out together. It's not as heavy as the main story but it is amusing and oddly sweet for what it is.  Ellerby also captures the look of the series in his artwork.

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