Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five #5 - A Review

Normally, I start my reviews off with a set-up of the action of the issue. This time, however, I feel compelled to do something different. This time, I'm going to start off singing praises of Bruno Redondo.

I can't recall Redondo indulging in a variety of visual gags before but there's quite a few clever ones in this issue.  From the Lex-Us car adverts to the way Batgirl rolls her eyes as Penguin blatantly lies over how completely innocent he is, there is hilarity aplenty to match Brian Buccellato's script.

It's not all laughs, however. Indeed, the sequence in which Damian Wayne - now officially going by Nightwing - is confronted by League of Assassins members in need of a new leader - may be the most brutal in the series' history. Comedy or drama, the whole issue is one great read and well-paced.

I can't neglect the rest of the art team in all this praise.  Juan Albarran does his usual stellar job on the inks. Rex Lokus continues to impress with his well-chosen colors. And the lettering by Wes Abbott is clear and easily read.

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