Saturday, January 9, 2016

Howard The Duck #3 - A Review

The good news is that Howard The Duck has become the living conduit for The Nexus of All Realities! The bad news is... everything else.

Actually, that first part isn't good news either!  Because now Howard is a living portal capable of sending anyone anywhere... except himself. So not only can he not go back to his home dimension but now he's being hunted by every war-mongering race in the universe as well as every self-important cosmic being known only by a vague one-word title.

Also, The Final Gwenpool story ever! (Not really. Probably.)

The main story of this issue is enjoyable but suffers somewhat for burying its lead.  The cover - and the first two pages - feature Howard as The Silver Surfer with no explanation given. The rest of the chapter continues on from where Issue #1 ended, with little progress being made toward the promise of a Metallic Mallard.

This seems to have been a trend in Marvel's humor comics of late, with the new Ant-Man series similarly dancing around the question of just how Scott Lang wound up in prison again. Thankfully, while it seems that Chip Zdarsky is padding things out a bit, the journey toward the end is hilarious. And the artwork by Joe Quinones and Joe Rivera is as good as ever.

The Gwenpool comic at the end seems much stronger. Christopher Hastings - perhaps most famous for his work on The Adventures of Dr. McNinja - is a fine comedic writer who revels in the insanity of a pantless fangirl kicking ass through the sheer confusion of her enemies. The artwork by Danilo Beyruth and Tamra Bonvillain perfectly matches the manic energy of Hastings' script.

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